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Nissan Leaf Motor: What can it actually do?

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Somewhere in the builds forum my Opel GT conversion thread is collecting dust. I've been crawling along at a snail's pace as I usually don't have time and money at the same time. But progress slowly continues. One thing I have settled on is using a Nissan Leaf motor. But I want a lot more power out of it than Nissan pulls. It appears that the Leaf motor is grossly underrated at 85kW and the limit in the Leaf is more a function of their puny battery. Several people have gotten more than 200kW out of it for short periods of time. But how high can it go? My question falls into two categories; Current and Voltage.

Current: Apparently forum member Arlo over on Endless Sphere has cranked up the phase current to 750Arms. This is probably pushing it pretty close to the limit, but the inverter I'm thinking of has a limit of 600Arms which should be comfortably within the limits. Anyone else have experience over-currenting the motor?

Voltage: This is the bigger unknown. Arlo only went up to 470VDC on his bus voltage, but I think this was more a function of his discomfort with higher voltages, rather than the limits of the motor. But I don't know for sure. I'd be surprised if the insulation did not go up to 600V or higher. And in the stock Leaf, the motor appears to go into field weakening far lower (less than 3000 RPM) than the mechanical maximum (over 10,000 RPM). So there does seem to be some potential for a big power boost here. Does anyone have an idea on this? What's the highest anyone has pushed this motor in terms of voltage?