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Hi, I'm in the process of converting a 2001 Mercury Cougar to electric. It will be powered by a 2011 Nissan Leaf motor (EM61), a Leaf inverter (with Paul Holmes drop in board) and a Nissan Leaf battery pack. Right now I have a Nissan Leaf Inverter, Paul Holmes Drop-in board (currently running in the inverter), entire Nissan Leaf battery pack (all the casing, wires, precharge circuit, BMS, etc.), Leaf Chademo and standard plug, a Tota Prius pedal, a box of SPIM08HP cells, and 2 Honda Civic Hybrid boxes. Currently I'm testing it at 225-ish Volts with max motor amps set to 100 Amps. The endgoal with this build is to make at least 270-300 HP, though that may require me to do a custom inverter. I hope I can at least get 150-200 HP out of the stock inverter for a few seconds, or short burst.
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