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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (1992) - The Raiju Project

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Hey Everyone!

I am Marco 34 years old from Munich, Germany.
Believe it or not, I am converting an old 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR to electric. Hopefully the first of it's kind.
Meanwhile I am over every reaction someone can have to this project, so roast me, cheer me up or simply enjoy the story. :D

Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Some years back in time, I used the car to go to the track and participate in the German Time Attack Challange. Some might know the cup.
Six cylinders with 2,6 L with thwo turbos ensured pure joy in driving. Never knew how much power it had, but with 1,2 - 1,4 bar boost I assumed it had 400 - 500 hp.
Anyway...I had a crash on the Nürburgring GT course, which was expensive as hell...not just because of the parts that have to be summoned from Shinto ghosts in a Japanese temple far away in sacret mountains...but also because one meter destroyed guard rail on the track is about 500€. Which I destroyed 4 meter of. 😑

Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Car Hood

Car was fixed, but one year later, on a smooth drive on the German Autobahn (seriously it was 120 km/h) to the city of Salzburg in Austria...the rod cap of one of the pistons decided to leave the party very spontaniously. The engine blew up. Two holes on each side of the block. Meanwhile it is a beautyful (girlfriend approved) table in our living room.

Plant Rectangle Wood Couch Floor

This is kind of where the story begins...sorry for the long intro. 😅
There were two options: Rebuilding the engine...or converting to electric. You don't have to guess what happened.
The chassis and me spent in this position.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Until the decision fell on a Hyper 9 setup with torque converter and 5 Tesla 6,4kWh modules. BMS = Orion 2.

Automotive tire Combat vehicle Vehicle Wheel Motor vehicle

Your first reaction might be: Why not a Tesla Unit and go full force on the power? 🤨
I want to learn everything about converting before going mad and to be honest...I just want to have this car rolling on the streets again after nearly 5 years of it standing in my garage. This was in my opinion the cheapest and shortest way to accomplish that. I mean, why not having an update in some years. 🙃
Meanwhile I got everything I need and my home-office looks like a spaceship in maintainance mode (also girlfriend approved 😂).

Photograph Smile Automotive design Fun Yellow

I am glad it is possible to work on all the stuff at home, as my garage is some cities away (Ulm). It is quite impossible to find garages in Munich to work on cars, unless you are lucky to find one and be rich (focus on being rich).
Yes that's me on the picture...quite loosing my mind in all that cabling, crimping and understanding how that CAN thing works. Luckily I am an IT guy and know that complex things can be sorted out by spending time with and engaging in communities, that are as crazy about a topic as I am, to learn from.

So I found this forum, and I am looking forward for any discussions or collaboration on topics. :)

If you are into social media, you find more pictures on Instagram by the name #raiju1337

Enough for today, thank you for reading through this and feel free to ask me anything.
Let's push this electric revolution!⚡
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I did one about 5 years ago with a Tesla large rear drive unit and 55kwh Chevy bolt pack then competed at a few events. They make a great conversion and steer up all the heaters.
Hope to see the progress of that interesting project!

Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk

Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
Welcome! Tell us about your project
Last two battery modules arrived last week, so I was busy balancing them with the three other ones.

Rectangle Wood Road surface Plant Flooring

By the way this was my construction to unload a bigger amount of ampere-hours instead of just letting the Orion balance them down (plz don't blame me for this).
Connected voltage to the PTC heater was around 48V with two modules.
The cells of the new modules had around 4,16V. My target voltage was 3,69V. Took some hours, but worked fine.
Now all the modules are balanced at around 3,69V.

Spent the weekend in my garage to fix my T4, but had some time to check some possible positions for some components.
Still have to transport everything from my home in Munich to the nearby city of Ulm, as my garage is there.
Battery box is desperately waiting to be modified and mounted with the batteries into the former engine bay.
This is the plan:

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Would it be possible to move this thread to "All EV Conversions and Builds"?
Should have started it there right from the beginning, but was lured to introduce myself as new member. :D
Would it be possible to move this thread to "All EV Conversions and Builds"?
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