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Howdy from the spud state!

I'm a classic car guy at heart who's had a few and loves to drive and enjoy them as much as possible. It's been a life long passion of mine. As you can see from my list of current toys in my signature, my collection is somewhat eclectic. But I love each of these vehicles, and look forward to the day when they're all completed.

Which brings me to this forum. As someone that has a curiosity with the future of vehicles, I see a time coming in the not-so-distant future where electric vehicles may cause petrol vehicles to be forced off of the roads. But I want to drive my classics, so converting to electric is a future wave that I see coming. And I wouldn't mind being up to speed or ahead of that wave if I can. So I'm looking to dabble in this area, and my sacrificial lamb (if you will), is going to be my 1925 Dodge Brothers Roadster.

Currently I have only the main body shell and the grille, grille shell and radiator combo. Soon I'll have a rolling chassis, in the form of a Ford Courier pickup chassis. (How we came to discover that this frame is a perfect match for the original is one for another thread. :) ) The plan is to go with a fenderless street rod look. Since I won't be driving it very often or very far,

it's not very weather tight because of the lack of side windows, and wouldn't be hard to steal, I'm not planning on taking it very far. So making it electric seems like a fun idea.

So let's go down the list from the intro pages!

  • Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication: Medium. And what I can't make, I can draw up a blueprint and pass it along to a friend that works at a custom semi truck trailer manufacturing company. And for pennies on the dollar, I can get most anything that I need fabricated.
  • The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge): I can't picture myself going more than 100-150 miles in it on any one day. And I'm ok if I'm limited to a top speed of 65 or so. I'm not very likely to get on the freeway here. Too dangerous.
  • What level of performance you are hoping to get: I'm not necessarily looking to make it a drag car. I'm sure that as light as it will be, it will move out just fine.
  • How much money you are willing to put into your project: I haven't calculated that yet. I started looking through the technical information in the getting started area, and my eyes started crossing. Not the thing that you can comprehend after a long stressful day at work. :eek:
  • What parts you've already considered, if any: Honestly, none. I thought about possibly buying a totaled EV like a Leaf (Probably couldn't afford even a wrecked Tesla :eek:) and maybe moving those parts to my Dodge. But I'm here to learn, so I happily take your suggestions and explore them thoroughly.
A reference picture of a complete, original car:

I'm picturing it to look something like this, though this car is a Turtle Deck Ford (which some mistakenly think my car is). The main difference with mine would be that I'd have a hood with hood sides instead of the exposed engine. Because I think that my motor and some of the electrics would end up in there. :eek:

Thanks in advance for some pointers to get me started. :D
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