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But, it is a Factory Conversion. It is a factory Fiat 500 and converted to an E car. I found the fuel line through body connections if this had been a standard Fiat 500. So in a way it is a conversion. It is not ground up electric build but a conversion. Picked up my Skittle today. A 2014 Fiat 500e with lots of goodies. Still has an 85 mile range after 35000 miles. Pretty good. I picked this up for less than I could build one. So if you are interested in an Electric Car there are some available that have good batteries and plenty of room. Im 6'2" and fit just fine. Don't expect to take passengers in the back seat unless they are tiny tots. Still have a couple vehicles to finish but in the mean time I decided to go used OEM electric. Drives nice but not as refined as the Tesla. Kinda feels like a DIY conversion. A good one but none the less DIY. Even the Leaf was a bit more refined. I can hear the contactors clack when I do a few different things. There is no Fast Charge on the Fiat. But in the 6 years I drove my leaf I only used the fast Charge twice. No real need and the Fiat can go a bit further than the Nissan. Still couldn't afford the Tesla. Bummer. Paid cash so I still have no car payment. We have solar so no cost to drive. Size of this is the same as my 2001 VW Beetle TDI. So the Fiat is not that small.


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