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Now that was ANNOYING, 2011 Ford Azure Transit Connect

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Last Tuesday I had a couple of appointments in town. Then some light slushy snow on the ground, but the roads mostly clear.

I drove the Azure Transit Connect about 10 miles to the first stop. Parked for an hour. Then when I came out, it was DEAD.

Wrench and Turtle flashed alternatively. Red Triangle on dash. And the Traction Control symbol lit up. Over 75% charge on the battery gauge, but the distance gauge would not come on.

So, I unplugged the 12V battery and walked to my next appointment. When I got back, still dead. So I picked up a Goodwill bike and headed home.

Wednesday I got my trailer and went to pick up the minivan. Still dead, lights as above. So winched it up onto the trailer and headed home. Thursday I was ready to recharge so I turned the trailer around and backed into my parking spot.

Reconnecting the 12V as necessary, but mostly disconnected.

Then for good measure put the key in, and everything looked just fine as if nothing happened.

I went ahead and charged it up.

I still need to get the diagnostics software working. That will be the next project. From now on, I may have to keep the bicycle in the back of the minivan.

I'm thinking that it may be best to keep to warm/dry weather for now.
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I've been driving it so I thought the 12V was fine. I'll try to check the voltage shortly. Obviously it doesn't do much other than turning on the electronics.

Charged up. Then drove it off the trailer today without issues.
Ok, I drove the van about 32 miles RT, and a few stops without problems. Then back at home and charging. Then got in today. I got to the end of the driveway. Stopped, and it was DEAD again. :(

The headlight switch was on, but I don't remember turning it on.

Battery voltage was about 12.4, but when I turned on the ignition, it sagged into the high 11's. I tried jumping it to another battery without success.

So, I dragged the van backwards up the driveway. Then when I got nearly to the end, and suddenly one by one the dash lights went out and it started working again.

I'll recharge the 12V battery and do a little more testing on it.
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Ok, I've driven it a few times without problems.

Immediately after stopping the battery voltage is 13+ V, so the DC/DC converter seems to be working. Also when the charger is plugged in, I saw a brief power sag, then it jumped up to 14+V, so the 12V does seem to charge when the main battery is being charged.

The van is also annoying that it turns the headlights on as driving lights. So, sometimes I'll click it over to clearance lights to turn off the headlights. But, that is too easy to forget. :p

Unfortunately the start sequence seems to be to turn on all the accessory circuits before turning on the DC/DC converter.

I'm thinking that I have a weak 12V battery (which often gets worse in cold weather). I'm trying to decide which type of battery to get. Lithium motorcycle battery, or new car battery. Odyssey?
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