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Number of ply's of Glass fiber in Tub

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Hi. I am designing a two seater electric car approx 120" x 66"x 48" and am looking for guidance on number of ply's of FRP. Had a go on the Engineering sites and did a beam calculation and that initially suggested 8 ply's. However in discussion whit a supplier 3 to 4 were suggested. Then redid the calculation after discovering what moment of inertia meant 4 ply's would be enough. I can't be the first to ask this question so could someone direct me to the appropriate thread or forum?
Some back ground. Panel ply's already worked out. Suspension - front mounted in Morgan style, Back motor bike style as is to be a trike. All hard points will be stiffened with progressively larger pads of FRP. I have read the posts about size of projects and the enormity of them. Have the plans of a 32' sail boat and 54' canal boat, not projects to start in the back garden of a terraced Cottage. This project like the others will only be started on completion of research.
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I don't have any engineering info but there are many types of glass fiber (we call it fiberglass over here). I think overall thickness is probably most important to you but there is a difference between the woven products and the chopped strand products.
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