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NZ New Member (Starting Tractor Conversion)

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Hi Everyone,

Have done a couple of moped scooter conversions (see blog Electric Joker for one of them), but have just bought a David Brown 880 tractor with a tired engine for my next project. Looking for advice on motors (20kW-ish, or 2x 10kW) and reduction belts/gears (tractor's running RPM is 1800).

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Hi there,
unfortunately, i can't provide any useful input on your post but as a fellow kiwi I would be keen to run something past you that I'm considering myself. hoping you might be able to impart some of your knowledge. I've scoured the country for EV conversion specialists and I'm surprised at how little there is here in NZ.
Hi @mauve. Happy to help if I can. Still a novice on big vehicle projects though. Yes, not many EV conversion shops around in NZ (yet). Cheers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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