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OEM Kona Transplant

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Hi people. My first post on this forum;
I'm interested to know whether it's possible to transplant the battery pack, BMS & drive unit from a Kona to a classic vehicle.

I'm only concerned with the electric control point of view. No problem with fitting battery boxes, engine mounts, shafts, cooling pumps etc.

My biggest concern is that the drive controller does not work without the full OEM architecture. I.e possible CAN inputs from the computer for random interlocks, cruise control, keyless fob, touch screens and all the other junk I don't plan to transplant.

I also can't find an aftermarket controller for these drive units. If anyone knows of one, it would be handy.

The BMS isn't a huge concern as I'm sure it can be replaced with aftermarket. Orion apparently has CCS support now too. It would be great to use what I already have mind you.
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