Hi everyone,

OEM lithium modules from several variants of hybrid making these power type cells capable of charging and discharging at 10-15C

All modules have been tested and verified of capacity and will be discharged to 30% before shipping.

Chevy Volt Gen 1:
3--16s3p 47Ah 2kWh(no water cooling manifolds) $275 per Module
1--32s3p/16s3p+16s3p 4kWh(With wc manifolds) $600
1-40s3p/16s3p+16s3p+8s3p 5kWh(With wc manifolds)$750
Circuit component Wall Gas Electrical wiring Electronic component

Kia Optima Hybrid
9--8s1p 8Ah 268Wh/Module 2.4kWh total $50/module
Automotive tire Gas Wood Machine Metal

Chevy Malibu Hybrid
5-16s1p 500Wh/Module $200/module
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Toy

I take paypal primarily and will need your zipcode to estimate shipping costs before payment.

If you have any questions send me a PM!

I also have A123 36V 750Wh modules or entire 14kWh bus packs if anyone is interested in those as well.