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Hi all.

I've owned an EV (Tesla) for a few years and spend most of my work life in technology design - but I'm no electrician!

I have two off road buggies (a GSMoon and a similar one but different brand) both bought second-hand recently.

I have a spinal injury and I am looking for a way to get out and around the fields without making noise all the time, as well as being able to do a 80+ mile round trip if needed (20 miles each way to the town, plus capacity for no range anxiety/some fun!), plus both buggies need work anyway - clutch gone on GSMoon, so ideal to rip out ICE.

I assumed I wouldn't need too powerful a set up to still have fun (top speed of 60-70mph, good acceleration/torque) as the buggies are so light.

I've been offered the following second hand at a very cheap price (left over from some R&D work):
  • 6 hubmotors 48V 1000W
  • 3 kelly controllers 48V 1kW
  • 1 unknown controller
  • 48V 20aH (19,8) LiFePo4

Should I go for these or spend possibly 10 times more on something like a Mitsubishi PHEV set up/other?

If I do go for the cheap kit, I'm assuming I'm going to need to have at least two motors running to get any decent power, possibly even 4 with one in each corner, and a separate battery/controller for each one, yes?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts! - If any previous threads on this I have not seen, please let me know! :)
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