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Hi Guys I Live part of the year in a large farm in a remote part of northern Spain I have NO mains electric power hence some of my ideas will not make sense to someone in a big town unless you understand that all my power will only come from Solar wind and very occasionally a gennie

I hae a road legal buggy with a 200cc engine and autobox weight I am guessing about 350kg with ICE and sub 300kgs when that is all removed. it will for the time being just be used to go off road and dirt tracks
Range I would like to be approx 40 miles and top speed 35-40mph if possible. I would like to keep motor at 24v as then I can fit 2 x 300 watt 24v solar panels to the roof to keep the batteries topped up

I want to keep it simple so will stick to lead acid batteries in the range of 160 to 200 amp hrs i do not intend to deplete the Batts any way , We have around 300 days of sunshine a year here so most days getting a recharge should not be a problem

I want to remove the engine and fit either

a) 24v dc forklift motor complete with speed controller

b) a converted 24v alternator reengineered to run as a motor

c) an AC motor of enough power to run the Buggy

2x 160-200 amp hr batteries

Speed controller etc

Any help or advice would be great

I dont seem to be able to download photos of the buggy at the moment but will look again tomorrow to see how to doit

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What model buggy is it? Biggest challenge will be where and how to mount large lead batteries I imagine. Try find some Nissan Leaf modules for sale. And a cheap 48v drive system would be ideal. Second issue will be driving the rear axle unless it is a chain already.
Need to see the buggy to help more.

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