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Hello EV people, I just joined here in order to support my project to convert a 2cv van to electric.

Being unable to do things simply , Ive gone straight to IPM AC technology and have obtained cheaply a Toyota/Lexus MGR and have been following with interest the pioneering work of JDCircuit, Jack Bauer , Lebowski and others in this field from around 2012.

I notice there are very few recent posts on the Prius type motors . Has anyone managed a workable resolver-driven solution yet ?

I have got the motor to spin with a cheap sensorless controller and I have been spending some time getting my head round Texas Instruments C2000 microprocessor with instaspin which seems to have a chance. Is anyone else doing anything with these ?

Is there anyone else out there working on these motors and controllers just now?

Has anyone done anything useful with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV rear motor ?

Cheers ,John
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