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The eKia can finally be driven on the road, thanks only to this forum. The vehicle inspector is due to test drive it on 25 Feb.

With the cells in series I used a 300v charger that came with them, OEM. The cells are Shandong Hipower and so is the charger. The charger seems to go all the way to 3.85v per cell right from the start (I haven't let it go that high but it wasn't slowing down at 3.65v when I shut it off).

Despite being advertised by the seller as CAN controlled it has no CAN port. Seems that Hipower is out of business, I can't get hold of them at all.

Moral of the story: don't trust a charger, and make sure a seller sends you photos of any features on a unit before you buy it. Not foolproof but better than the way I did it.
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