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Opel GT Conversion

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I am looking to convert my Opel GT to EV. I am totally new. I know gas cars, but not electric. my first question among many. AC or DC? how big a motor do I need for a very fast car with 70+ mile range? car weighs about 2000 lbs as is.

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10.5 seconds or less quarter mile
that's Tesla P100D territory (see here) :eek:

Have a look at these threads and then let us know your budget :)

Tesla Powered BMW E31 8 Series

2014 Lotus Evora - Tesla DU, Time Attack Road Car

Tesla Powered Cobra Race Car

Just to scope the challenge... The Tesla Powered Evora has achieved 11.44 @ 124 (here) using the standard motor controller... with Damien's controller (here) you can push the motor until it melts so 10.5 from a single motor and 70 miles range may be possible :cool:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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