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For those that use any of Johannes' OpenInverter solutions for their inverters, both the DIY and the kits either he or Damien have been making for the Prius Gen 2 / Prius Gen 3 / Lexus GS450H / Auris / Yaris / Nissan Leaf / Tesla SDU/LDU / etc control boards.. can now pull parameter bundles from a website Johannes and Dima built.

One of the most challenging aspects remaining to DIY inverters is how to set up and tweak all the various dozens of software inverter settings, learn what they do, and get smooth control out of them. It seems most high-skill DIYers can do this by just putting in some effort, but it's intimidating to beginners.

So, as people who might know more than you about how to do this are figuring out what settings are working good, they can now submit their parameter sets to the database for everyone to copy and use. You can also subscribe to a parameter set, so if it's updated with a better version, your inverter will update to those settings.

Being one of the less knowledgeable users myself, this is great news. Soon, most beginners should be able to configure a motor to work with their inverter, without much extra help.

See the post here for details if you're curious:

Also, Johannes and Dima built this in their spare time for free-ish, thanks to Patreons who for the most part don't even need it. They're just other volunteers throwing money his way to help the DIY EV scene so, if this benefits you, consider how much time and effort it saves and throw a few bucks his way to show your appreciation.
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