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Open ReVolt was an open source controller made by Paul. It later I think morphed into what people call the P&S Controller, Paul & Sabrina, his wife.

A couple years ago he was moving house, and his entire moving trailer was stolen, with everything they had.

I think I've seen him pop his head in here once since, but I think even after he got his life back together he expressed he was interested in phasing out of the community.

The last time I looked at the files, someone mentioned "Oh yeah, there's some errors in them, that won't work..." and there was no like... update, or, repository or... anything to resolve that. You'd have to have heard by word of mouth and then had someone who had a more modern copy (who knows where they got it from) give them to you.

And support is obviously non-existant.

If you're set on a DC system, it's half a pipe dream, but for $50-$150 you can buy a scrapyard Prius Gen 2 inverter, and with some extra parts get a 500V 1000A controller out of it. Caveat: the documentation for it is currently even worse than the ReVolt, though, it has been tested at least twice (once by Damien, once by EV8, both who either designed it in their heads or didn't share the specific circuits). EV8 after some polite but persistent nagging, has said that probably after the Christmas season he will have enough time off from work to sit down and draw out what he actually built and share it with people. I've tried to impress on him that it would not be a wasted effort, that there are still people who would love to have a super cheap DC controller. You name perhaps can be added to this list.

That said, it's at best 50/50 whether anyone finishes anything they ever intend to, life happens.

If it's not time to buy your controller though, and you can wait a few months, perhaps give that a consideration too.
Thanks a lot... This story about Paul is so sad, specially for someone having done so much for the community. Paul, if you ever read that, you have all my compassion and support.

Having said that, I guess I will keep trying to build an Open ReVolt Controller from whatever information I could find. I got a pdf version of the schematic diagrams and a BOM. This is already a very good starting point. What is hurting me badly for now is that I don't have the PCBs layouts (control board and high power boards). But I will keep on trying to find them.

I intend to start the actual conversion of my LeSharo after the camping season in 2022 so, I still have a little lead time in front of me...

Thanks again!
1 - 4 of 52 Posts