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Best of luck to you.

Umm, so I just went through my email. In 2018 I wrote to Paul and he sent me... I'll just quote it:

Here's some stuff for the AC controller (attached). Also, you can see the instructables here:
200kW AC Motor Controller for Electric Car

This is an alternate assembly approach that makes for a smaller controller:

The DC controller assembly is identical, but you just stick a DC board on instead of an AC board. You would use designSpark to look at the pcb and sch files.


... and then he attached 3 files. One of which is a .PCB file. I've never gone that deep into electronics fabrication/simulation. And... I'm not sure how to upload them. Will these forums let me attach non-graphic attachments?

tries that out

Are there 3 files attached at the end of this post? Are those useful to anyone?

I'm not sure I was supposed to share those publicly, but it was an open source project, which is now developmentally defunct, so, hopefully not stepping on any toes. Anyone who wants to educate me on appropriateness protocols, feel free to tell me what behavior is expected of me.

View attachment 125266

Whelp, I tired. Anyone have better ideas on where to host files? I expect anywhere I put them is just going to be net rotted sooner or later. I could play the dirty trick of renaming file extensions, but that's kludgey.
Hi Matt - if you can work out how to get those boards made then I would put in an order for Five !

Can you attach the files to a PM??
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