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A good friend has given me a Curtis 1236-4502 motor controller.
This would be my first attempt at messing with a Curtis controller that was being used for an alternative purpose instead of the OEM purpose or programming one of these controllers without the use of a specialized handheld programmer. (like the 4 pin easy programmers)
This controller was OEM integrated into a forklift for an AC hydraulic lift motor.
The controller will power up and reveals error code 29 and 51.
Code 29 is expected with no sensors connected but 51 suggests that there is a specialized VCL running on the device.
I would like to remove that VCL and put a more generic program in its place.

I have 3.12 & 4.6.7 versions of the Curtis software.
I am in the process of fabricating a harness to connect to the controller via the hundreds of posts that discuss that.

My questions are:
a) is a VCL program required at all for basic function of the controller?
b) if it is a requirement, can someone provide a generic open VCL that will provide a good starting point?
c) is the VCL installed via the normal programming software?
d) will the software I have work with this controller?

Thanks for any help!
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