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Opinions on this forklift motor

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I've been working on converting a '78 Fiat 124 spider to electric, and I wanted to get some opinions (I don't think any of these questions have clear cut answers given the limited information I'm giving, but I'm hoping someone has similar experience and can give some pointers):

I recently picked up a used Hyster forklift motor (from a J40XMT). It weights ~80lbs, is 8" in diameter, and the main portion (not including the shaft) is 10" long. Question 1 is: do you think this is big enough? It looks a tad small. Has anyone used a similar motor? I'm expecting the car to come in around 2300 lbs finished, with batteries:

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Second question: I just realized it doesn't have a bearing in the front. I assume the gearbox in the original forklift supported the front shaft. If I turn it by hand, the rotor rubs against the sides (there is a bearing in the back):

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I'm thinking that, once I get the shafts coupled, the transmission bearing may be able to support the front of the rotor and keep it aligned, but curious if anyone else has used a similar configuration or has thoughts.

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Your very right, most people never think it out, its just gimmi gimmi gimmi . I want it all and I have 20$. I have turned down maybe 3 times the number I have built. I dont like lawyers and fools making a fool out of them selves.
I make parts now, Im tired of doing the conversions ....
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