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Hello everyone!

Really newbie questions here. I hope you guys don't mind.

I have 2 Orion BMS' (96 cell) that I'm using to build an 800V pack. We have everything and are now trying to get the battery pack built up and configured (before we fire up the inverter and motor).

What I did not anticipate however, was how much wiring has to go into building up one of these BMS'. To even just build up a programming connector for the BMS it looks like we need two different types of crimps/crimpers. (And this is only for the main IO connector, not the cell taps or thermistors).

So I was wondering if anybody on here knows of some connector kits where we can source all (or most) of the crimps and connectors? I've found most of all of them, but where I'm in Canada it costs more (triple actually) for shipping and importing little crimps. Would be great to hear some stories or feedback about building up programming connectors and such.

Thank you in advanced :)

- Frank
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