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Orion 2 with Tesla Model S module

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Ok, I'm at a loss here. I have a project using tesla model S modules in series, connected to an Orion 2 BMS. I have set up my tesla modules with a Stealth EV cell tap board and wired my cell tap harness according to Orion's white paper on Tesla modules. Using the Orion Cell tap validation tool, the first module reads correctly for cells 1-6, with the -1 wire connected to this board. According to the white paper, the next module in series references wire -1 from the first module, and I connected cell taps 7-12 on the second module. I've checked and double checked my wiring and tested both Stealth EV boards, but the second module shows an error at cell 7 and zero voltage for the second module. I cant figure out why the validation tool shows an error on cell 7. if the batteries are in series, then cell 7 should show the next voltage in series on the tool. I've checked continuity on the cell 7 tap and its good. I've tried several modules and have the same result. any ideas??
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Good idea to provide your wiring diagram and this white paper you speak of so we can decipher what you are not doing.
gotcha...i figured out my issue. i was starting my setup using the positive-most module as my starting point. i reversed the pack and started cell tap #1 at the negative-most module. probably a rookie move, but the documentation i used didnt specify. i attached a picture of the cell tap chip pinout on the stealth EV board, and the link to the orion white paper.
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Orion 2 cell tap using Tesla Modules -
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