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System specs:

6 LG Chem modules from 2017 Chrysler Pacifica
16 cells in series each, so 96S
Orion BMS with CANdapter connected to CAN Bus as specified by Orion wiring manual.
Thunderstruck TSM 2500 chargers (2)with EVCC
OBD Adapter (I will edit this later with the exact model)
All connected on the CAN Bus (combination of twisted wire and shielded cables) terminated with one TSM2500 on one end, and with the EVCC on the other.

I was able to program both EVCC and BMS.
The OBD Bluetooth Adapter indicates power, but does not show up on android device.

I had to specify all devices wired to the CAN Bus when programming the Orion BMS, but did not specify any OBD reader. Is that a necessary step that they did not include in their manuals?
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