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My name is Scot, I live near Orlando and am interested in EV because of J. Straubel of Tesla motors and his EV 944. I have an '87 944 (NA) i want to improve upon using electricity.

my plans are very different from anyone that I have seen, but i hope to find out I'm not the only one who's trying this.

I want to keep my 35mpg ICE but boost its output using an electric motor. I hope to emulate the power of a turbo 944 with my NA, while maintaining the fuel efficiency of my 4cylinder engine.

my thought process is to strap a 20-30hp motor to the driveshaft in front of the transaxle, and use it only for boost (and regen during deceleration). since my driveshaft is prior to my transmission, but after my clutch it gives me great opportunity to provide additional torque to the tranny without adding extra stress to the engine itself. it also places specific limits to the rpm of my driveshaft, making it very easy to to determine needed gear ratios for my motor.

I am still under initial research stage, but that's why I signed up here.

what I am hoping to learn from here is the feasibility of this project, possible pitfalls, and hardware recommendations.

strengths: I think that 50-100 pounds of weight with a 30hp consistent boost pushing only when needed will prove noticeable and effective during low ICE torque moments.

weaknesses: of course capacitor life are going to be a concern, but I am working on a design to use a turbo exhaust modification to produce electricity from the ICE itself, especially at higher RPM's allowing me to dynamically recharge my power sources and or use that electricity directly to power my motor.

I will be making a post in the appropriate section with drawings, schematics and concerns soon.

Thank you,
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