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I would like to suggest an easier way for a power stering pump. After many years of conversions, I have found that the stock P/S pump driven by the front motor shaft works surprisingly well. I have done fords, gm, chrysler, and mazda with P/S and this has worked fine.
The amount of motor rpm needed to build up pressure for assist is less than 50 rpm. Prety much as soon as the motor starts turning you have assist. Everyone that has seen this on my conversions are surprised.Yes this will work for parallel parking once you start to move. Yes, you cannot have assist just sitting in one spot unless you spin the motor slightly (but you shouldn't be steering without moving anyhow)
I would suggest that anyone with a power steering donor try it this way before spending alot of time and money on electrical assist that more than likely would not be needed, and adding a drive pulley and bracket is not all that difficult on most conversions.
Oh, and yes automatic transmissions work without an auxilliary pump also!
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