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Hi all,

A quick community service announcement: Earlier this year I got contacted by a Chinese company called Ovartech, whose website lists a range of chargers and DC/DC converters for electric vehicles. I couldn't find any independent reviews of the company or their products on Google, but thought I'd risk it and ordered a sample of their 1kW DC/DC for evaluation.

I placed the order on 31st January, paid for it on 2nd February, and as of 31st March am yet to receive it. So I would advise against ordering from this company until we have more evidence of their legitimacy. Hopefully this forum page will show up if anyone else out there finds themselves looking for information on this company before committing to an order.

If I do eventually receive the order, I will be sure to update this thread and provide an honest product review.
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Hello all, I am Frank from Ovartech, we admit that we had some problems before on lead time, finally all our buyers received what they paid for.

Thing are getting better now, basically we have inventory for our hot sellers, for example:
3.3KW charger in 108V, 144V, 360V
6.6KW charger in 360V
1KW DC-DC converter in 360VDC.

Anybody who are going to order from us, please check with us the inventory before you issue a purchase.
Hello Frank,
I'm interested in you bi-directional charger, what is your current lead time looks like?
Best to email them directly.
it only took about a week to get mine from Ovartech (In China) But Australia is pretty close by.
StealthEV have the exact same charger, just rebranded. It'll probably be easier for you to get it from them once you factor currency conversion and freight charges considering your in the states
StealthEV don't have the bidirectional charger on their website. Did you get the bidirectional one or just the unit directional 400V charger?
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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