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Hello everyone. I have been beating around the idea of designing a trike utilizing many of the techniques used for converting a car to electric. Forklift motor, etc. I am located in Southern Missouri where roads can go from blacktop to gravel without much warning. The trike will be more of an Adventure variety with the ability to go off road if the need be, an Enduro if you will. I am looking at taking a independent suspended side by side rear frame from a rolled side by side to use for the rear end and will develop the front frame to handle a much wider off road tire, the heavier tires will allow more weight carrying capacity for motor and batteries. I am shooting for a 150 mile range and will try to keep the vehicle under 1000 pounds if at all possible. That is the general idea, now I just need to learn how to do it, that is where you all come in...I hope to learn a lot on the forum.
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I am a couple hundred miles west of you.
The closest Ev to you that I know of is Jack Pickards at Cape Gerardo west of you.

The trike sounds interesting.
There is a lot of off the shelf stuff now days that you can pretty much plug the pieces together and go.
Good luck.
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