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Hi all

I bought the donor car (Toyota MR2) over a year ago and have driven it waiting for the Oz dollar to improve from the us62c (it's us92c as I write, hard to fathom it all!) and it was worth the wait.. eg the battery pack went from about au$13k to about au$7k when we bought it late last year. I might have this picture thingy worked out, having u/l them into an album...

Over in the album, the caption for this says:
MR240 Rear view, showing tailpipes with electric connections - one an Australian 240V plug, the other a 240V socket, implying the EV is able to both consume AND provide energy (a pico-powerstation!)

'He' is nearly complete, thanks to the great help I've been getting from the EV Shop here in Perth, Western Australia. Actually they may have done more than me, now I think about it :) At least someone knows what they are doing!

Why is he called Mr240? Well, the grid in Oz is 240Volts, and that seemed like a good number plate too but someone already had MR240 here. Hence - ZEV240, a Zero Emissions Vehicle. Its an irony of course that he doesn't even use 240V, but a number plate needs numbers, and 150 signifies very little, so let's call that a minor irrelevancy...

I have a more detailed description of the process so far on Mr240's blog, (actually two blogs, one on his construction, the other about EV issues in general) where I'd love your feedback, and you can also comment on general EV issues like making EVs into pico-powerstations. It is called electric_handmade_car, or in full:

Cheers, OzBarney
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