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Just trying to finish up a few things on my 74 Super Beetle EV.

Looking at photos of finished vehicles by EV West or Zelectric, as well as others, they seem to use a common material for making panels to finish off the engine compartment for a nice clean look.

They are black panels with a kind of textured finish. Does anyone know what they are made of?

Plastic? Or aluminum with a spray on texture?

I have seen lots of photos but never seen the material in person.

you can buy both ABS and Polypro plastic in 1/4" 4x8' sheets. The ABS is bumpy on one side and smooth on the other.You might have to search for the nearest distributor in your area. you might also want to invest in a good 'air welder' if you are going to fabricate much

The ABS is cheaper, but I find it is a little more brittle and heat welds can crack if you're not careful. Polypro is usually white, easy to heat weld, and welds seem tougher. I've used it a lot for mounting components, making little brackets, and battery boxes.... you can visit my site, and check the gallery sections....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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