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Quote from PAK65
I just found these manual disconnects referred to in the sticky above.

These look like a good option, I just don't know how much force is needed to turn them. The current choke cable I have easily throws the circuit breaker, not sure if it would work on this switch since it requires more of a twist than a pull. Anyone use one of these who can tell me about how much force is required?

I bought one and when turning it to off it is spring loaded and snaps to off - should be easy to use with a pull wire... I am thinking about using it as emergency shut off but I am a little concerned about arcing at high amps,

The other option is a Heinemann circuit breaker or just a Heinemann disconnect switch- The only place I know that has them is canev - they also sell a red knobbed manual disconnect.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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