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Hi, All,

I bought two pretty closely matched Leaf packs to put into my project car in a 6P/16S 120V configuration. Maximum demand is controller-limited to 600A.

I am researching how to fuse the individual modules in case a module shorts.
I know that the pack capacity would be diminished by roughly 60Ah.

How would I size these fuses? assuming 600 amps (max) going through 6 module (bank) in parallel, there should be about 100 amps going through each module. Should I just use a 150A fuse strip on each positive module terminal? I would imagine any short circuit would blow a 150A fuse very quickly...short circuit amperage is almost infinite.

Second question: what if just one cell shorts within a module? (Modules are, of course, 2P2S) Would the module just short and kill itself?

Or, If a cell fails but does not short, the module might still have the proper voltage, but capacity would diminish by roughly 30Ah.

In that case, would maybe a diode be better?

If there WAS a shorted cell, it would be easier to spot a failed fuse or fusible link...

Or am I just overthinking this whole thing? LOL...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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