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Parker Hannefin GVM

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Parker Hannifin GVM

Hi all,

Have any of you had any experience with the Parker Hannifin GVM range? Europe/Literature/192_300108_GVM_catalogue.pdf

I'm doing some research for a prototype electric tractor and think their motors could be ideal.

I've tried to contact them here in NZ but no response so far...

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So I spoke to their GVM tech guy these look pretty good.

I expected lighter weight for a Permanent Magnet Motor, but they are quite compact.

They have a new one that is larger diameter (GVM-410?) that is not in the catalogs yet, but can put out 1-megawatt peak power, 500 kW continuous in a 19 x 19 inch package.

They do sell single motors to through their distributors, here in the US their distributors are Reinhardt and New Eagle.

He also said that they have on a test bench peaked the GVM-210-400 at 500 kW.
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