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Parts for building an electric mini car(not street legal).

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I would like to build a smaller mini car, about the size that kids would drive and I'm not looking for it to be street legal. Most of the posts on here are for conversions, but I want to do this from scratch and design the frame/chassis myself and buy the rest of the components. This is my first electric car project, and so far the parts I think I will need are. I would like to make it a sports car/Corvette style, and I have experience in 3D designing the frame & chassis, so I am not too worried about that.

Motor Controller
Steering system

I'm sure this is not a comprehensive list, so please let me know if I am missing something crucial. I have had no luck getting a guide on building one either, so if you know of one I would appreciate that.
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You can't legally run more than ~6mph on sidewalks and 35 in residential. 55????

When you say "kids", how old is the youngest neighbor friend or cousin that visits? The reason I'm asking is we'll get to be pals over the coming months as you build this kart and I hate sending flowers.
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Yup - butt an inch off the ground multiplies perceived speed by 3-4x
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45 miles of range at 13 hp means 120lb or so of Lithium battery, close to 250lb of LiFePO4.

Now it's a buggy...
You can't have what cars have for extra margin - it's weight and space that gives you top speed in an EV.

Everything gets huge in a hurry, then you need frames to handle the weight and doubled pack power, axles, driveline, chain size, blah blah blah.

Even your range is on the silly side of weight. Go 20 minutes, swap the pack out...don't carry range reserve like you're about to cross the Donner Pass.

"Detuned" (inverter limited) Tesla front drive unit is the way to go on this one...

You get the open-PITA for free.
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What kind of axle is it when the front wheels fall off from the impact loads due to popping wheelies? 😂
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