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Parts for building an electric mini car(not street legal).

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I would like to build a smaller mini car, about the size that kids would drive and I'm not looking for it to be street legal. Most of the posts on here are for conversions, but I want to do this from scratch and design the frame/chassis myself and buy the rest of the components. This is my first electric car project, and so far the parts I think I will need are. I would like to make it a sports car/Corvette style, and I have experience in 3D designing the frame & chassis, so I am not too worried about that.

Motor Controller
Steering system

I'm sure this is not a comprehensive list, so please let me know if I am missing something crucial. I have had no luck getting a guide on building one either, so if you know of one I would appreciate that.
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interesting to see how it goes. 50mph is shifter cart territory
a good data point would be the hp number for the 100cc 2 stroke race engine, any idea what that might have been. I am thinking somewhere around 15-20HP? which would be 11-15 KW?
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