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Parts for building an electric mini car(not street legal).

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I would like to build a smaller mini car, about the size that kids would drive and I'm not looking for it to be street legal. Most of the posts on here are for conversions, but I want to do this from scratch and design the frame/chassis myself and buy the rest of the components. This is my first electric car project, and so far the parts I think I will need are. I would like to make it a sports car/Corvette style, and I have experience in 3D designing the frame & chassis, so I am not too worried about that.

Motor Controller
Steering system

I'm sure this is not a comprehensive list, so please let me know if I am missing something crucial. I have had no luck getting a guide on building one either, so if you know of one I would appreciate that.
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Howdy & welcome!

What style of kart do you have in mind?
Here's some food for thought ;)

My version of a Mini-Slingshot
I am looking to make mine similar to a kart in size although a little bigger. And similar to a sports car or corvette in design. I have experience with 3D design, so I don't think the frame should be too hard. The parts to get it up and running are really what I am concerned with.
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I get most of my kart parts from BMI Karts (here in Ohio)
1" Axle (kit) with most of what would be needed for the rear axle ;)
1" Live Go Kart Axle Kit - Complete (#35 Chain) | 566135 | BMI Karts And Parts
Thank You!
I'm not an expert, but I've been told a differential is needed as well for times when you are turning. What do you think?
I've built them both ways (live axle & differential)
...& personally, I feel that a differential is a PITA (especially if used off road)
...but, each has its pluses (+) & minuses (-)

Kinda like you could mount & use a drum brake or a disc brake
...& either one will stop the kart

How powerful of a kart are you thinking?
...acceleration? speed?
...& range?
I was trying to go 45 minutes - 1 hour on a single charge, with a top speed of 50-55mph. It won't be going off road, only sidewalks and pavement.
You can't legally run more than ~6mph on sidewalks and 35 in residential. 55???? When you say "kids", how old is the youngest neighbor friend or cousin that visits? The reason I'm asking is we'll get to be pals over the coming months as you build this kart and I hate sending flowers.
I get what you're saying, it's not really for kids, it's for me to use(23) and a younger cousin who has been asking(18) for a smaller sporty looking car that we can play around with. There is this ginormous open unused lot near my house where we want to use it, it'll hardly ever get used on sidewalks.
Oh wow, If 50MPH is that fast, I would likely be fine with a little less(maybe 30-40) as the top speed. I won't be hitting the top speed all the time anyway, I just want it to be there as an option if I ever need/want it(just like cars might have 100mph+ as their top speed, but we only drive at 40 to 60 usually).

Also, do any of you all know of a full part list or guide(for karts)?
Well, here's a little more FYI:
My Hell-raiser kart motivated by a 48V 5,000W motor (~6.5 HP)
...& powered by a 48V ~50AH battery pack (~45 lbs.)

The acceleration is great
...its top speed is ~36 MPH

Looks great! Speed seems good too. I will probably try to build with the same specs as yours(or a little stronger since my car body will add some weight). Also, I was wondering, how do you calculate the speed, battery level etc, and get that onto the display? I heard about CAN Bus's being needed to get for example the battery level from the Battery Management System. Is that what you used?
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