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Parts For Conversion Motor/Battery

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Could a Leaf motor/transaxle move a 4900lb car to 75mph in a reasonable time?

If I wouldn't mind short range, like 45 miles, what is the smallest battery pack to drive a leaf motor?
Assume 3 miles per kw so 15kw
Tesla's are nominally 24v, no? What is the minimum voltage to run the leaf motor?
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Check out my build thread I am powering a 5000lbs Land Cruiser with a LEAF motor. Performance is good. Only have done 45mph maximum so far but it had no problems getting to that speed. Can easily accelerate with normal traffic.

I have geared mine down a bit from a standard LEAF however. From about 9:1 total reduction to 11:1.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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