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Could a Leaf motor/transaxle move a 4900lb car to 75mph in a reasonable time?

If I wouldn't mind short range, like 45 miles, what is the smallest battery pack to drive a leaf motor?
Assume 3 miles per kw so 15kw
Tesla's are nominally 24v, no? What is the minimum voltage to run the leaf motor?
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Some back of the envelope calculatus,

For a 4900 lb vehicle to travel at 75 mph requires about 25kW depending upon tire rolling resistance, frontal area and Cd. What are you building--some kind of truck?

So the size of the pack needed to accelerate up to that speed depends upon how quickly you wish to get up to that speed--10, 15, 20, 25 seconds?

The windings in the leaf motor are wound with a relatively small gauge wire to allow for operation at the high voltage (400VDC) of the pack. At 75mph in a leaf the motor will be spinning at around 8400 rpm. i don't know the motor constant but suspect that the back emf generated in the windings at this speed will be quite high and a substantial fraction of the pack voltage. Somebody may have measured it and posted on this forum.

What kind of driving will you do to require 75 mph and only drive for 45 miles--a daily commute on the interstate?

At 50mph the steady state power is much less at around 10kW.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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