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Perm PMG-132 24-72 volt Permanent Magnet DC Motor $695

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What you in see the photo is a Perm PMG-132 Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor. It was part of a EV science project. The motor was used less than 1 hour total. If the motor fails to work when you recieve it I will refund your money - even shipping.

$695 plus shipping

What you also see in the photo is a 3:1 gear reducer coupled to the PMG. Also at the opposite end of the gear reducer is an attached Warner EC-650 clutch PN 5281-451-002, I can include both of them with the motor for $100 more - you pay shipping

You can see a movie of the whole contraption at this link

BTW - the clutch is in like new condition

PERM PMG-132 24-72 Volt Pancake Motor. Similar in size and weight to a Briggs & Stratton ETEK, but at the same voltage it has a 50% higher peak power output, a 40% higher torque constant and 120% more stall torque. The PMG 132 is a "pancake" style neutrally-timed, brushed, permanent magnet DC motor manufactured by Perm Motor in Germany. It is similar in design to the Lynch/LEMCO LEM-200 and Briggs & Stratton ETEK motors but more powerful. The armature is made of flat copper strips stacked together so there's no stack of steel laminations like in a traditional motor which gives the motor low cogging. Its high power, high efficiency and comparably small size make it a good choice for small electric vehicles, Electrathon vehicles, generators, go-kart's and robots.


The motor's body is 222 mm (8.75") in diameter and 120 mm (4.72") long. The shaft is 19 mm (0.748") in diameter and 35 mm (1.69") long with 6mm key and threaded hole. *


Voltage: 24-72V
Weight: 24.8 lb
Angular-velocity constant: 50.2 rpm/V
Torque constant: 27 ozf·in/A
Terminal resistance: 0.025 Ohm
No-load current: 6A
Rotor Inertia: 1370 oz·in_
Inductance: 19 µH
Continuous current: 110A
10 minute current: 200A
Terminals: 8mm


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