UQM Powerphase 100 Motor & Inverter

I am parting out the EV components of three CODA EVs.
I have a couple disassembled & another complete vehicle.
The complete CODA is fully operational, and can be sold as is, with or without the 31kW traction battery.
Traction Battery Specs:
333V, 33.8 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system.
Same chemistry as Tesla's new batteries.

The UQM®PowerPhase® 100 motor, makes 100 kWs (134 hp) with 300nm (221 ft/lb) peak torque.
This an AC motor, so it does regenerative braking.

Due to the permanent magnets the UQM 100 is a compact motor:
280 mm (11 in) diameter by 252 mm (10 in) length package.
It's a great motor for converting VWs Bugs & Porches and other compact cars or trucks with small engine bays.
No need to do any cutting & welding to make room for this motor.

As well as the power train, I also have a number of Lear 3.3 kW chargers.
Each CODA has 2 Lear chargers for a combined charge rate of 6.6 kW.
Also available; DC to DC Converter producing 2.2 kW @ 13V
Any parts that makes the CODA an EV are available for purchase.
I will be compiling a full parts inventory & price list soon.
If you want/need the parts, get them while they're available.

I'll be using the parts from 1 of the CODAs to convert my Chevy SSR to electric drive.
My Aqua Blur, High Voltage, hardtop convertible, Super Sport Roadster.

p.s. For sale (soon):ROFLMAO:: 6.0L Supercharged LS2 Corvette, err. SSR Engine :ROFLMAO: .