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So we sponsor a Uk touring car driver ( Dan ( Rowbo) Rowbottom ) and a UK drag racing team ( Mason Griffiths LS v8 dragster ) , so why have we turned to EV heads ? we started our journey back in the 80s fixing anything from classics to building racing cars , fully trained and many times retrained master techs and computer geeks , like all of us born in the 70s with modern tech "you either get on board or get out " ..The Ev Journeys been well underway or the last few years . We sell, train and support 100% original ( OEM ) dealer diagnostic tools worldwide, so we are really fully aware of the next stages of the diagnostic evolution & EV and just how little man in street will be able fix in 2025 . We plan not only to Fix a few bust Ev's ( just bough a leaf with a insulation problem as usual ) but plan to build a couple of race cars including an electric dragster.. we run quite few HEVs and full BEV's the latest being the ID4 based Skoda Enyaq. We hope to contribute to this website with news and any handy OEM info we have ..
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