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Peugeot 205 GTev

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OK, here goes.

I'm currently trawling the internet for the best way to convert a 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI into an EV (hence the probably obvious reason why I'm now a member of this Forum)
The plan is to use it as a day to day car commuting to work and to the shops etc. I'm lucky enough to own another car (a Diesel Guzling Citroen C5) which I can use for the long trips and any heavy lifting.

My Daily commute is 64 miles so a fairly hefty distance... luckily... I work for a renewable energy company, and I don't think they would have an issue with an EV being seen charging on their doorstep. So being realistic we could bring the range down to 50 miles and do a little charging whilst at work.

Now the challenge I've set myself is maintaining the performance of the car. I don't want a peeeve I want an Electric GTI (GTev?) - Even at 24 years old this car can embarrass souped up boy racers and I'd like to keep it that way.

Some facts and figures:

Curb Weight including engine (ICE): 2006lbs (9012kg)
0-60 (when new) - 7.8Seconds
Top Speed - 127mph (204kmh) - this is definitely not essential as the car is only going to be for road use so technically 77mph would be max speed but if it so happened that the batteries and motor were capable of more I wouldn't complain.
I think I would like to keep the manual transmission to try and coax some more efficiency out of whatever motor we decide to put in.

I like the Idea of an AC Motor for the regenerative braking and the efficiency, however reading here it would appear that DC Motors are more suited to the novice Ev'er.

As far as my knowledge goes, I'd prefer DC as I mainly deal with PV Panels and I'm used to working with 250kWp worth of them so I know how nasty DC Can be, but better the Devil you know... My other idea was a trickle charge from a flexible PV panel mounted on roof/bonnet for that additional 1km range...(if I'm lucky) as for hands on work... I'm not inept, and I have a Dad who knows some people who know some people.

So, now for the advice? I'm open to suggestions, my budget is limited and Ideally, a cheaper instant start with the option to expand in the future would be great. As I already have the Donner Vehicle do we think £2000 will be enough to get it rolling? Or should I look into selling some organs?

Any help on anything would be great!

Oh and I'm based in the UK so preferably things that I can get without to much import tax would be great!

Looking forward to your suggestions.
Thanks in advance!
Euan Taylor, Virgin EV'er


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On that budget you would also have to get a forklift motor. Check out the sticky under Electric Motors. And what Ziggy said.
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