Hello, to everyone!

Peugeot iOn, 04/2011, 35 kW, 49 000 km, (30,6k miles) is for spare parts or as EV project donor (was intended to be my first EV car, but unfortunately it seems that it is not to be the case)

Long story short:

I have found a Peugeot iOn on an action as a non-driver with an electrical malfunction P1A15, then did a research on the web and thought "what a great opportunity to dive in EV world (was wanting this a long time now) and learn some new skills by fixing it!" So, I bought the car.

And it arrived... And to my great disappointment it appears it has not just electrical malfunction but at some point it has also suffered a body damage by a tree (it seems to) falling onto its rooftop... It was fixed very amateurishly, but enough to not be able to see it in the pictures of the advertisement.

To perform such a body repair (rooftop, both pillars) with the resources and skills that are available to me would be economically ineffective gently speaking.

So right now, after the sourness went down, I have lost my interest in this and decided to sell it for repair or to part it out, or to be an EV project donor since the drivetrain, electrical parts (except fault code P1A15) and other parts are in really good condition.

Since I am not in car's parts business and have limited recourses, parting it out would be difficult to deal with (However I am willing to do it if someone will be really interested in most of its components, taking into account that separate components would be more expensive than buying a complete car) , so the best-case scenario would be to sell the entire car as it is at once.

The car has a completely new 12 v Battery: "BOSCH 0 092 S40 180 12V 40Ah 330A (bought for diagnostic purposes since the original was dead.)
I have made some diagnostics of the battery pack and the car itself and attaching some screenshots and pictures. (LEFT HAND DRIVE)

So, if someone is interested in this offer, please PM me and we can discuss other details or more pictures.

Or contact me via email: [email protected]

Or if you know someone who can be interested in this Peugeot iOn or in parting it out, please share this ad or my contact, I would be extremely grateful!

Price: 3500 € (~ £2900)

Located in: Vilnius, Lithuania.

P.S. I Will kindly offer my help to find a transportation option to all continental Europe.