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Peugeot Partner with new LiFeYPO4 - won't start to charge

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Hello friends,
A lot of discussion, a lot of solved problems I found here :)

Now we have a problem of my own - writing you about our Peugeot Partner Electric car - factory build.
We put on new 51 cells 160Ah from ex TS now Winston and a BMS.
Hope to get approximately range - 100-140km.
We already installed the batteries and the BMS, controller and every thing work perfect except the charging - the charger won't charge the LiFeYPO4 batteries...
We proved the charger with the original batteries - worked very well...
But when the batteries are the new ones - no any activity...

Did someone from you have the same problem?
Found this conversions - almost the same like our:
Seppo Lindborg written that he made some modification on the charger...
Somebody knows what are the modifications?

Thank you a lot in advance!

P.S. Here are some videos and pictures from our modification:

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I'm pretty sure you can reach Seppo via finnish electric car forum. Or at least someone there will know some contact info and you could ask charger related questions directly from him. Or then you could ask the person who made the NiCd -> LiFePO4 conversion, Jukka Järvinen ( I know Jukka is a busy man so he might not always reply immediately.

Link to the forum (no registration needed for anonymous posts):

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1) old battery?
Nom - 100V, Max charging - 184V
Nom - 167V, Max charging - no charging
3) ENTIRE old battery pack?
4) ENTIRE new pack?
Thank you!
Well, we discovered the problem - according me - very fast :)
Now the charger is charging with about 13-13,5A - not a fast charge :D
Will keep you in touch for our next development!

BTW - if anyone needs batteries at good price (about 1,10$/Ah any quantity) - please let me know :)
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