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Picking the battery to complete my drivetrain. Help me check my work

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I have currently bought:
Nissan Leaf Gen 2 Motor / Inverter
Zombieverter VCU
Tesla PCS and Control Board (10kw Ac charging and dc-dc converter)

Now I am to pick the most expensive part, and I am quite afraid to do so.
I have seen a good deal on a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range battery pack.
It was taken out of a car with only 5,500 miles on it and the price is $4,850.00 + $500 shipping.
I would plan to combine it with an Orion BMS.

Problem is, I don't understand how much capacity it has or how many volts it is, as it is intended to be a replacement for another Tesla.
If I look up the specs of that car, I should expect 50 Kwh with a nominal of 350v but if the cells are 5.2kwh, then It contains 9.5 cells??

Would this be a bad buy? I just would like a second opinion before I make a $5000 mistake.

The battery pack in question

Thank you very much for your time.
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Those used leaf modules are tempting to us newbies as we can dip a toe in with less chance of getting burned. That or prismatic cells whose quality can be questionable.

Occasionally the newer 112Ah Leaf modules come but them they are pricey. Pick your poison.
Have you seen this video on BMS?
What BMS should I choose for my EV conversion project - YouTube

I have ordered PCBs from JLCPCB in the past, so I am comfortable with a more DIY solution to battery balancing. If it's in your comfort zone, there is an opensource project called DIYBMS where you can order and construct it yourself to save cost.
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