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In response to the request for pictures, I only have the one below because I've never seen the car. My wife bought it. She met the owner, Jordan, at Karma VW in Decatur, GA (that's her with our future EV in the photo.) She has been out of the country for a year and is moving to Vermont, where the harsh winters will not be kind to the little Cabriolet. Jonathon, the mechanic at Karma told my wife that the car has a bit of rust and a problem with the engine, but since we'll be taking out the engine, that doesn't matter. We also won't need the exhaust pipe, which is where a lot of the rust is.

I'm very anxious to see how much rust there is on the chassis.

Vehicle Car Vehicle door Windshield Automotive window part

Tonight I put up a "party hut" - a 15x17 tent with screened sides that I hope to work under. The package say 15x17 which seemed fine for a vehicle that is 13.4x5.6. But it looks smaller. There's a crude joke in there somewhere.

I'm hoping to get the car tomorrow.
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