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I've not spent much time lurking, apologys for that.

I've got a tragic wagon named Putt, it can't pass emissions anymore, I want the car to be part of the house's battery bank and charge system. There's room on the roof rack of the car for 1kw of solar panel. (house is already solar)

I have to use regen braking for descending the mountain I live on, my electric bike has difficulty descending due to brakes overheating.
here's the bike at 72v on a dumpster run

following the stickied suggestions:

skill level in mechanics and fabrication = 8, not quite to rocket surgeon yet but I built this

skill level with electronics design and PLCs = 5
I've built my own battery packs and BMS's pretty decent with adurino/pi, I've never designed circuits

Range = 100km (with a 800m ascent/descent in between)

Performance level = family grocery wagon, 100km/ph

Budget = $3,500 <--- motor, inverter and controller.

Parts considered
26650 LiFe battery
30kw 3 phase AC motor - (this is what I think would be my best bet, I'm open to suggestions)

Amenities : power steering & brakes, window wash/wipers (front only), cabin fan (no need for AC or heater), off-road lights. the car has power windows now but I hate them and may convert to arm-strong.

I should mention, I have an extra transmission for Putt, I plan on building around that outside of the car then do a swap day and pull the existing motor/trans/cooling/exhaust to sell as a complete kit.
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