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What you will want to post is:
Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication
I do all my own mechanic work outside of machining (lack of tools to do so).
The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge)
Daily driver - currently commute 85Miles minimum per day average likely closer to 110miles per day
What level of performance you are hoping to get
Stock replacement current power train is 266SV IHC motor rated at 155 Horse @4400RPM 227FTLB torque @ 2800RPM
How much money you are willing to put into your project
What parts you've already considered, if any.

Vehicle weight with current power train: 5600 pounds
Engine Dry weight: 619#
Transmission Dry Weight: 144#
Other shedables might be another 400#
Would love to retain the ability to heat the cabin.

I've converted this truck currently to bi-fuel with propane and petrol.

Am I crazy to consider this? I've seen others doing 3600 pound trucks and such. I've got tons of room inside the engine compartment if it's lacking an engine for stuff of weight - visualizing the square style forklift batteries I've used in the past on Toyota forktrucks when I worked in HELL.

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