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Planning 1979 Mini Clubman EV Conversion (UK)

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Hey all,

I've been the owner of a classic mini for 2 years now but it's been sat in storage since buying it as i've not had the time to drive to the workshop where it's located. Currently freed up enough space in the garden to build another shed so it's coming home finally!

Was looking to do a standard restoration for re-sale but then we purchased a plugin-hybrid which is just an absolute dream to drive. This got me interested in EV and wondering if a mini conversion was possible. But of reading around it turned out is was which is why i've ended up here!!

Car was in pretty good shape and nearing the end of a rebuild by my BIL before selling to me. I am looking to rebuild it as an EV (currently runs a 1430 bored metro engine...) and potentially sell it on to somebody eco and savvy as a city run around (after keeping it for a few months as a toy). Added a few pics here:

I understand from reading around that one of the big costs in conversions is the batteries? I was wondering if I could perhaps use some form of generator to ensure the rest of the system was running correctly and then swap this out for a proper battery module when funds allowed it?

Looking forward to making a start and getting involved in this forum!