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Okay, so I feel like the specs I'm looking for are fairly reasonable.

Like the title says I have a '94 taurus sitting around in the driveway. It runs, though it's had some problems. I don't want to have to worry about maintenance and gas etc. Plus I want some experience with electric vehicles. I really would like the ability to service a car myself, and don't feel confident enough mechanically to do that with an automobile. I haven't done anything more complicated than fixing bicycles.

So now let me explain the specs I am looking for. From what I have read, there are some major tradeoffs between range, speed, and costs. My minimum on range is 10 miles. I think I would actually be pretty happy with that, though 20 wouldn't be bad either. Top speed wise it needs to go at least 20 mph. I wouldn't really be comfortable with something that went slower, and wouldn't see the value. I don't need a lot of acceleration, but it does need to be able to go uphill.

It has to be able to go uphill, not anything steep mind you, and It doesn't need to go top speed uphill either. I wish I could tell you a more precise grade, but really I wouldn't know how to estimate hill grade accurately. It's based on a specific hill near where I live, by my standards it doesn't seem steep at all (except when I ride up it on a single speed bike).

I am hoping to do all this for somewhere in between $2,000 - $3,000. I think that this might be possible with my modest specs. I'm willing to do the work myself, even if it takes some time and learning and trial and error.

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

I am new to this.

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That is doable

My suggestion
Small Lithium pack about $2000
40 cells at 40Ah- 130v pack
Forklift motor (I paid $100)
OpenRevolt Controller - $600
Simple home made charger - $200

You will need to make the motor adapter and the plate to bolt it to the gearbox,
If you really don't intend going above 40mph you can leave it in 2nd gear

You will need, cables, contactors and a lot of other bits - get as much as you can from the forklift

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Thanks, that suggestion will be a helpful starting point. My Dad says lithium batteries have a problem with overheating. I would expect that that would be a rare problem, and that the risk could be mitigated with proper design.

Anyway, I'm probably gonna start with buying a motor and playing with that before even messing with the car. Looking online is easy, but I expect I could find better deals looking around locally.

The one thing I'll have to do some research on, at this point, is figuring out what to look for in a motor.

After that I'll buy a battery(s) and controllers etc.

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll post more updates once I get some things to experiment with.
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