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1996 Toyota Land Cruiser
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I love those cars, this should be a great project. You wrote a lot haha but I just have a couple ideas to add.

I think it's worth it to retain the stock transfer case and use a single motor, didn't see that in your options but that's what I'm doing. Range isn't a huge concern of mine, though. I don't think a transfer case adds too much drag in high range 1:1 also.

Secondly, yes you should be able to maintain the traction control system as long as you retain all of the ABS components and the wheel speed sensors etc. So probably get a vacuum pump for the stock booster instead of changing to a Tesla brake booster. Also you will likely need to figure out how the TCS computer works and if it needs an "engine running" signal from the ECU or possibly a signal from the transmission computer etc. Otherwise it should work. I plan to retain factory ABS in my conversion (no TCS).

For AC I am running a secondary smaller motor and maybe run power steering off it too. It is caveman style but should work just fine with not too much efficiency penalty compared to electric pumps/AC. Also helps that I have a 2kw scooter motor on the shelf I got for free. And the factory AC works great like yours. Thinking about how I could run it off a DC-DC converter.
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